Infolytica confirm significant exhibiting attendance at The Engineering Simulation Show 2017

The Engineering Simulation Show 2017  is pleased to announce Infolytica has confirmed significant exhibiting attendance at the event which takes place Thursday 27th April 2017 at the Roundhouse, Derby.

About Infolyticawww.infolytica.co.uk

Infolytica Europe is responsible for the promotion, sales, and support of MagNet, ThermNet, OptiNet, ElecNet and MotorSolve throughout Europe. To, assist in this endeavour, we are pleased to have the help of Weidmann Electrical TechnologyiCapture.dk and Trafoexperts.comwho act as agents for Infolytica. We are also in the process of adding extra resources in Eastern Europe and Iberia.

Infolytica Europe continues to expand, and recently moved to new offices in Northamptonshire.



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